Welcome to the Specialist Medical Accountancy Services Group

In the mid 1990s Morris Crockerís Specialist Medical Accountants section formed the idea of a non-competitive group of independent yet like-minded firms of Specialist Medical Accountants throughout the country. Over the succeeding twenty years this has grown selectively into the current SMAS group, servicing approximately 400 GP practices, the members of which are linked on this website.

The purpose of SMAS is to improve advice to GPs about their finances by disseminating information and by being stronger, collectively, as a result of sharing experiences relating to GP finances with other group members throughout the country.

SMAS was established on a geographically exclusive, non-competitive information sharing basis. It has been successful and now has seven significant independent firms with their own teams of Specialist Medical Accountants. We feel we are stronger for the experience of sharing information, with detailed statistics and specific problem solving being just two of the key benefits gained.

The strength of the association has become particularly important with the raft of changes resulting from the enactments of the Health & Social Care Act 2012 and the implications that has for the groupís clients because of the variations throughout the country in local terms and conditions. Those changes will continue to accelerate.

The group is regularly assisted by a specialist healthcare law firm, Lockharts, together with independent financial advisors and surveyors. This website is designed to make it easier for GPs, Locums and provider entities to obtain up to date, clear advice.